W3AVE Live Collab & Launch Party

Weave_Festival_Live Paintings_16

Redd Walitzki in action during W3AVE Live

27 Seattle urban and contemporary artists had been brought together for a live collaboration during a 3.5 hour event. The artist line-up includes nine teams of three: Ego, Megon Shore & Amy Huddleston; Aaron Jasinski, Augie Pagan & Redd Walitzki; Chris Sheridan, Kathy Liao & Carl Faulkner; Solace, Joe Vollan & Weirdo; Levi Hastings, dear earthling & Cash; Carlos Aguilar, KSera & 179; Siolo Thompson, Braden Duncan & Vedada Sirovica;  Zach Bohnenkamp, Sensei23 & John Osgood; And the Collagemonauts, Marty Gordon, Craig van den Bosch and Tim Manthey.

Each artist arrived to the live event with a canvas that they already started to work on. During the event, they will swapped their canvas with each of their team members and contributed to their canvases while the audience watched. By the end of the live event, each team had three completed collaborative pieces for the exhibition on September 13th at Bherd Studios Gallery.

In addition to the live event, AXIS | Pioneer Square gallery will feature the works of Seattle artists, Troy Gua, Greg Boudreau, Daniel Voelker and John Osgood.

Here’s a photo recap:


W3AVE Live & Launch Party

Augie and Redd_02

W3AVE Live & Launch Party: Redd Walitzki & Augie Pagan collaborating


W3AVE Live & Launch Party AXIS Gallery


W3AVE Exhibition Opening at Bherd Gallery (Sensei 23 & Solace with Biff)


W3AVE Exhibition Opening at Bherd Gallery


W3AVE Exhibition Opening at Bherd Gallery