FADE INTO YOU: An Artist’s Mixtape at Twilight Gallery

Hold Your Peace by Jen Kiaba

Twilight Gallery: 4306 SW Alaska Street | Seattle, WA 98116

Fade Into You: An Artist’s Mixtape

February 13 – March 9th, 2014
Opening Thursday February 13th, 6 – 9 pm

Songs of heartbreak accompany us throughout time as we makeup and breakup. What mix of songs do you play when you crush, love, fuck, fuck-up, pine, ache, obsess and deny?

Can a compilation of songs save you or explain you? Can the mood or theme of the mixtape make the object of your affections UNDERSTAND how you really feel in your achy, achy tortured soul? Is the art of the mixtape a universal art form?

Love Interruption by Alexandria Sandlin
Love Interruption by Alexandria Sandlin

Fade Into You asks artists to assign a song title to their visual expression of the exquisite arc of pain we call love. From the fleeting first-love, to an unquenchable lust, to the socialized ideal of commitment, and finally to the inevitable end of despair and heartbreak. It is art inspired by the history of love and loss in music within the context of an individual’s relationships and experiences.

During the opening of the show, we’ll play the songs of this visual mixtape over and over and cry into our shoe box full of dead flowers and tear stained love letters……..

Featuring Art by:
Alexandria Sandlin, Amber Leilani Middleton, Amy Sheridan, Angelina J Tolentino, Beth Martini, Cyra Hobson, Janine Pierce, Jen Kiaba, Justine Winnie, Kate Ryan, Kim Merritt, Klaus Pinter, Nicole Brauch, Paul Valadez, Sarah Barrick and Whitney Van Cleave

Heartbreaking soundtrack provided by KEXP DJ Hannah Levin

Trunk Show by Elysium from Portland hand making custom pieces on the spot!
Gorgeous handmade slips from Get Juliet
Prints and more from Stasia Burrington and more!


FACE OFF: Part Deux

Naked City Brewery
8564 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
Wednesday, January 29 from 7 – 9:30pm

Artist will be battling artist in the second edition of “Face Off” presented by Bherd Studios Gallery and hosted by Naked City Brewery! Artists will have 15 minutes to create work in each battle. Larkin, Face Off Champion 2013, is battling to hold on to his title with upstart challenger Braden Duncan nipping at his heels. Sensei 23 & Zach Bohnenkamp of Matamuros go head to head in “Float Like butterfly, Sting Like A Bee” match, Angelina Villalobos, AKA: 179, takes on John Osgood in the “Battle of Signs” and then Joseph Brooks in the “Face Melter” match vs. Charms Won. Winner of each match will be determined by who generated the most for their piece in the live auction which happens after each match. All proceeds go directly to the artist. Be sure to come out to root for and to bid on your favorite artist and your favorite pieces. (Bidders should bring cash, no credit card machine available for this event).

Photos from the inaugural event:

Battle of the Birds
“Battle of the Birds”  Braden Duncan vs. John Osgood


“Flora vs. Fauna” team event, Solace & Cash vs. Michelle Anderst & Adam V


Crowd Shot_01
Crowd shot at Naked City Brewery


Silent Auction_03
Larkin (R) and Braden Duncan (R) pieces from “Free for all Warm-Up”

NIGHTMARE INDUCTIONS Installation at CoCA Georgetown

CoCA Georgetown Gallery: Second floor of the Seattle Design Center | 5701 6th Ave S, Suite 258 | Seattle, WA 98108

Nightmare Inductions

Interactive installations by Noxious Sector Arts Collective

January 16 – April 10, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 16, 5 – 9 pm

CoCA is pleased to present Nightmare Inductions, a series of interactive installations by the arts collective Noxious Sector. With the aid of brain wave entraining sound and video, participants are guided through a shared trance induction experience. Each experience focuses on a common nightmare theme. Three separate themes are offered in three induction areas: Dreams of Falling; Dreams of Teeth; and Noxious Sector’s most recent creation, Forgetting.

Included in each installation are artworks by Noxious Sector, and imagery created by past collaborators in response to the experiences. These are offered as aids to willing participants, as well as further meditations on each theme.

Noxious Sector Arts Collective intends Nightmare Inductions to “challenge the imaginative willingness of the audience while exploring the creative possibilities for induction-based artworks. We think of induction as a second-order thought experiment—not simply an idea contemplated passively in one’s own mind, but an experience implanted by visualization and self-hypnosis techniques.” This series of artworks is also an opportunity for audiences to gain a broader general understanding of the capacities and vulnerabilities of the human mind.

Noxious Sector is an ongoing collaboration among Canadian artists Jackson 2bears, Ted Hiebert (currently based in Seattle), and Doug Jarvis. Their projects are dedicated to the exploration of questions of the imaginative, the paranormal, and the absurd. Their work attempts to redefine the meaning of artistic possibility through extended propositions that challenge consensual norms while provoking stimulating forums for dialogue and discourse. Their particular focus is on challenging the boundaries between the imaginary and the everyday, and building from stories of strange science and the paranormal from which to wonder about the creative possibilities of speculative living. More on Noxious Sector: http://www.noxioussector.net


Streetlights_digital card_v2
Bherd Gallery: 312 N 85th Street, Suite 101 | Seattle WA 98103
In this two-person exhibition, Crystal Barbre and Kate Protage use paintings and drawings to explore our relationships to mythic themes, and the connections between our modern world and our cultural lineage.
It started with a trip to Italy.
After Kate visited Rome and Florence last summer, she and Crystal began discussing how art integrates with life in different places throughout the world. The US is a relatively young country, but there are many places on the map where human history is several hundred, even thousands of years old. In those places, cultural artifacts are part of everyday life: important sculptures and paintings can be found in random public plazas, off-the-beaten-path places of worship…sometimes on the side of the road, part of someone’s daily commute. Myth and culture exist side-by-side with the mundane.

by Kate Protage
by Kate Protage

The ancients knew that we as humans are in a constant battle against our barbarian and civilized natures, against the animal and the human in us. They painted allegories on the walls of churches, and left sculptures in the streets and on buildings for people to consider every day…not just for a few hours in a museum. Myth and allegory give us a way to visualize our struggles as a community, a culture and as individuals.

by Crystal Barbre

The modern world, in some ways, seems to have become a myth illiterate culture. We create allegory in the movies and television shows that we watch, but our cultural myths are a bit anemic: in a world where we have the struggle of the Kardashians instead of the battle of the Centaurs against their cousins the Lapiths, our stories are less than ideal tools to help us explore the deeper struggles within ourselves. We’re missing the kind of exposure to allegorical art that each individual deserves to own. The struggles of the ancients are the same struggles we go through today. We are not more civilized then the ancient Greeks or Romans—their stories are our stories, and we still need them.

In this exhibition, Barbre and Protage use contemporary models to tell ancient stories, and surround them with elements that are both old and new, just like the art that they’ve chosen to reference. They’ve taken that art that appears on the side of the road and offered their own take on it, right down to depictions of the local traffic that flows around it. Their paintings and drawings pay homage to the work of ancient times, and reframe that work in today’s world.

HOURGLASS: Hand-painted footwear at Tasty Gallery

Wed, Sept 25, 2013
Venue: Tasty Gallery, 7513 Greenwood Ave N
Neighborhood: Greenwood


Presenting a special event for a collective of 8 women painters, who operate under the business name: HOURGLASS. Their end product… hand-painted footwear. Their mission is to help their customers express their unique style and personality through original, hand-painted footwear designed and created by one of their team-members. Collectors can choose their style of shoe, their favorite artist and over 100+ unique designs!

CURATOR’S PANEL: Jannausch, Thompson & Vedada at Vermillion

Thurs, Sept 19, 2013
Venue: Vermillion, 1508 11th Ave
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Curators Panel_01

John Osgood, Bherd Studios gallery owner moderates a panel discussion with Seattle curators, Todd Jannausch, Siolo Thompson & Vedada Sirovica. Jannaush has produced and curated installation projects such as Gallery 40, Gallery (206) and most recently his traveling exhibit, Small Voids. Thompson has guest curated in Seattle galleries, created fundraising and promotional events, as well as co-created The Better Bombshell project. Sirovica is a new up & coming curator who has experience curating for Home Suite Home which was in the Greenwood Collective and is also a curator for the new venue Axis|Pioneer Square. In addition to a moderated discussion, we will end with a Q&A session. The panel discussion will include artistic vision, concept development, artist selection, building relationships in the art community and more.

Curators Panel_02

TO HUMANIZE: Cyrus Kanga at Urban Light Studios

Exhibited Sept 13 – Oct 4, 2013
Venue: Urban Light Studios, 8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1*


Kanga photographs to create a connection… to capture a pose, a thought, a glimpse, a moment. Whatever the situation, the images stir up unexpected feelings for him. Transcending time, his mind takes him back to the moments when a smile is pure inspiration, when eyes respond to a friendly gesture, when the laughter of children brings down boundaries, when a brilliant scene is heavenly communion. These are moments caught in stillness to stir movement within one’s inner depth. His photography is a blend of fine art, documentary and street photography.