GLITCH: Cait Willis at Ghost Gallery

Exhibit was on display Sept 12 – Oct 7, 2013
Venue: Ghost Gallery, 504 E Denny Way
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Ghost Gallery_01

Cait Willis is digging deeper into the glitch of images lifted from television, YouTube, and the like. Her “Weak Signals” series has taken on various forms including acrylic on canvas, laser cut images on wood and large format vinyl banners. Her work was also featured at the 2013 Capitol Hill Block Party.

Ghost Gallery_03

Cait Willis has been making art in Seattle since the early 1990′s when she helped start Trapeze life drawing studio on Capitol Hill. Her paintings, although always figuratively based, have always been tasked with delving into different communities, and how we relate to our circumstance in life. These have ranged from dealing with tourism in a new global world, the ladies of the roller derby, the near extinct families of the amusement park, and the families of American Cults to taking on the random hiccups of glitchy weak signals off of television and You Tube and creating something iconic out of the accidental…

Ghost Gallery_04


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