INDIGENOUS: Solace and John Osgood

Bherd Studios Gallery: 312 N 85th Street, Suite 101 | Seattle WA 98103


May 9, 2014 – June 27, 2014. Receptions Friday May 9 and Friday June 13.

The Northwest, more specifically Seattle, is a very interesting place to be an artist. There’s a magic and mysticism in the air and inspiration around every corner. From our folklore to our pop culture, there is a style and grace that is unmistakably us, the indigenous. This area breeds an ultimate respect for its surroundings. It’s a place where nature isn’t afraid to reclaim its territory amongst the urban sprawl. It’s with this spirit that we present a new collection of work that unearths some of what makes this area so electric. From the tiniest of creature to the beasts we’re so well known for, prepare to be immersed in our corner of the world visualized through the collaboration of two indigenous artists; Solace and John Osgood.

Left to Right, Droogie Dragon by Solace and  Klickitat Fire Fly by John Osgood
Left to Right, Droogie Dragon by Solace and Klickitat Fire Fly by John Osgood

Solace draws his inspiration from his surroundings, the lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest that are his home. Often using leaves or natural materials as stencils in his aerosol spray creations, he effortlessly mixes the urban with the wild. His friendly monsters and fanciful figures seem to have emerged from a Technicolor forest just next to the ones we know: where every mountainside sports a brilliant graffitied mural, and Sasquatch might skateboard over for dinner.


Tiffany Moth by Solace
Tiffany Moth by Solace


The bright, bold colors of nature infuse John Osgood’s angular abstracts, painted in acrylic on panel. Patterns and themes from nature seem to unfold like wings or feathers, and there is a coiled energy in each composition that seems to be constantly blooming and growing. In addition to his abstracted work, Osgood presents his trademark figurative style insects and sculpted birds.


Walla Walla White Wasp by John Osgood
Walla Walla White Wasp by John Osgood


The opening reception for Indigenous, will take place on May 9, 2014 from 6 to 9:30 PM.


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