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GRADUATING TO GARDEN DESIGNER – One exhibitors journey from broom pusher to garden creator

Seattle based sculptor and photographer, Miguel Edwards first became involved with the Northwest Flower and Garden show in the late 90’s. At that time he worked behind the scenes at the show pushing a broom, carrying plywood, and working at a variety of general labor jobs wherever he was needed. Over the years Edwards became more involved with the show often taking on the role of general trouble shooter, forklift driver, interiors manager, heavy equipment manager etc.

In 2009 Miguel began to see a shift in his fine art efforts. Though historically his primary discipline was photography, sculpture became the new focus of his artistic process. Because of this artistic shift he began to see the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in a new way and he became more aware of the possibilities that the show offered for him to showcase his sculptural work.

Over the last four years Miguel has worked with various garden exhibitors. At the 2013 Flower and Garden Show, Miguel Edwards worked with Dr. Decks, their successful collaboration, Alien On Vacation – Xenomorph Meets Earth’s Most Lethal Plant Colony, received the South Sound Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, the only editor’s choice award given in 2013 (Edward’s sculpture for the display, Advena Vasculum, was a collaboration with Ryan Blythe). In past years he has also collaborated with In Past Years Miguel has collaborated with noted garden creators including Karen Stefonick, and Redwood Builders LLC. Other Members of the Award winning Team include Rex Saathoff, Chris Hoover, Kevin Russell, Jerome Brown,  Calvin Russell  Greg Barthels and Tracy L Korenski.

This year Miguel Edwards is returning from a successful showing of his sculptural work at the Archangel Gallery in Palm Springs and he is ready to participate in the 2014 Flower and Garden Show. He returns, this time as a garden creator with the Dr. Decks team which has been selected as one of the 2014 display gardens. The Dr. Decks team is presenting:  A Conduction of Vigorous Immersion – Seattle’s Best Artists Enhance Your Flow. This garden includes integration of the first ever permitted of fire and water feature at the show (or ever in the convention center), Monument scale solar kinetic sculptures and hand-blown glass pieces , neon and deck automations, including a retractable powered Seahawks table that stows directly into the deck as well as the worlds first ever ADA speced wheelchair ramp that switches from ramp to stairs and back  at the push of a button. Many firsts with this team.