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Face Off @Seattle Erotic Art Festival Opening Night: April 23rd

Artist will be battling artist in the first edition of “Face Off” presented by Bherd Studios! Artists will have 15 minutes to create work in each battle. Winner of each match will be determined by who generated the most for their piece in the live auction which happens after each match.

Get your tickets:

Nude Model Round

Alan Fulle
: I am a Maximalist and materials oriented abstract artist. I am excited by the alchemical, physical, and emotive nature of paint itself as a subject, and its interplay with other materials I use in my work – resin, glass, wood, metals and concrete.  My work documents and expresses emotional states through forms within structures or zones of abstraction. Since narrative exists within the material context, it is the exploration of physical interplay of materials that allows me to express emotion, spirituality, impermanence, and other human conditions.

I consider maximalism a product of minimalism and abstract expressionism, with a focus on architecture, materials, process of transformation, decay and change, influenced by the depth of a human experience.  Working with paint as a sculptural tool, I enjoy experiencing its viscosity and gravity.  Each type of paint and artistic material is an alchemical ingredient that transforms when brought into concert with another.

I use oil paints and washes, oil and water based polyurethanes, resins, acrylics and enamels to suggest change and decay.  These organic processes married with architectural forms and subtle pallets of color create a moving, restive balance of forms.

I try to present a global perspective on contemporary abstract art, blending together art and industry, and minimalism with passion as they relate to the emotional perception of color, texture and light. By using varied materials and deep optical juxtapositions, I give the viewer a reason to pause, consider different points of contrast, and bond with the surroundings.

Seb Barnett
: Some say that Seb was not born, but came out of a tree.
Seb grew up on the edge of the Olympic National Forest in the Pacific Northwest, on a farm but spent most of the time in the forest; climbing trees, tracking, building forts. fishing and exploring. Botany, entomology, ecology and the natural world in general was a great source of fascination, and is tightly woven into Seb’s art. As an adult Seb left the forest and went to the “Emerald City” of Seattle and became a student at Cornish College of the arts. After graduating in 2006, Seb crept back out to the valleys and woodlands of the Snoqualmie Valley to reside, and to continue playing in wooded places, foraging, climbing trees and practicing archery.
Close enough to the city to interact with the art community of Seattle and yet out in the country far enough to fuel the love of the wild, Seb continues to forge a connection between the human condition and the natural world through art.

Lady Parts Round

Anderst-VestigeMichelle Anderst
: Anderst’s oil paintings feature biological structures which serve as both works of art as well as aesthetic statements on ecological consciousness in the modern world. Through her vibrant use of color and organic subject matter Anderst continues to symbolize decomposition, and the inter-species, cross-domain symbioses that recycle all of life’s sculpture and ornament back to the palette of organic materials, ready to paint life anew.
Anderst studied classical painting and drawing at Southern Oregon Art Academy and Gage Academy and continues to utilize her Scientific Illustration education from the University of Washington to illustrate the evolution and unseen energy which exists between all organisms.

Zach Bohnenkamp
: Zach was born beside the railroad tracks in Iowa City. He spent most of his childhood in a tunnel beneath the very tracks upon which his first blood spilled. An adventurer by birth rite, he first reached the Gulf of Mexico at age 7 on a raft he fashioned from lilac branches. For the last 14 years he has called Seattle home but the rich black soil of his homeland still remains between his toes, where morel mushrooms grow to this day. He remains committed to putting art in public for everyone to share and is currently making murals with the crew Matamuros in Seattle.

Still Life with Sex Toys Round

Sensei 23
: I am a self taught artist born and raised on Cape Cod Massachusetts. Cartoons, comics, graffiti, movies, music and sports were some of my many inspirations growing up. I received my Associates degree in Fine Art and continued my education at the School of Museum of Fine Arts Boston. I now reside in Seattle, WA with my lovely wife and our beautiful daughter while mastering my mutant artistic abilities in my art dojo.

Adam Valmassoi
: Valmassoi’s work derives from a deep understanding of form and function, and an active interest in the questions of human existence and spiritual evolution.  His pieces are born from the subconscious and are extremely chaotic amalgamations of subjects and stories.  Meant to be ever changing and revealing, these pieces beckon one’s mind to question the world around them, and to look at everything with a new perspective. Professionally trained and currently working in Product Design, Adam’s expansive skill set spans from Digital Imaging and 3d Modeling / Manufacturing to traditional Fine Art with a focus on Illustration.

Fetish Wildcard Round

Osgood-SelfEJohn Osgood
: My current work features multi-faceted interpretations of emotion and perception by utilizing shared lines, forms and color. I worked diligently to create pieces that the viewer can study and be able to see new perspectives each time they go back. I purposefully play with the subconscious mind, attempting to direct the audience both literally and figuratively. A lot of my work features a complex level of layering colors, strokes and drips to create what I like to think of visual sound representing a myriad of atmospheres from that of nature to the noise of city life.

Braden Duncan
: Braden Duncan is an artist and curator by trade, imperfect by choice, and a cog in the machine of human mythology by default. She draws her inspiration from the peculiar cockworkart-The_Missing_Pieceminutiae of the human form, symbolism and mythology, the empty spaces left by missing friends, and the intricate elegance created by the convergence of biological and mechanical elements. She is the co-founder of the Seattle Arts Coalition, writer of Art Scene Seattle, a resident artist at Echo Echo Gallery, and a member of the international Red Siren Artist Collective. She lives and works in Seattle; and regularly assists with curating, art installation, event coordination, and marketing for a number of art spaces around the Northwest.



Closing Celebration at BHERD STUDIOS GALLERY

Closing Celebration: Fri, Dec 12th from 6-9:30pm
312 N. 85th St. Suite 101 Seattle WA 98103

“We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over.”
– Ray Bradbury

An Epic Group Show featuring a bevy of PNW urban and contemporary artists who have exhibited with Bherd Studios Gallery over the years. While the show is unthemed, the artists invited are the inspiration and include: Michelle Anderst, Curtis Ashby, Debbie Bianchi, Zach Bohnenkamp, Greg Boudreau, Jenn Brisson, Jenny Dayton, Nichole DeMent, Braden Duncan, Miguel Edwards, Ego, Marty Gordon, Jeremy Gregory, Troy Gua, Aaron Jasinki, Lucien Knuteson, Larkin, Ryan Molenkamp, Ninjagrl, Chris Olson, Kate Protage, Sensei 23, Chris Sheridan, Megon Shore, Solace, Kellie Talbot, Siolo Thompson, Dan Voelker, Joe Vollan and Brian White.

Images by: Michelle Anderst, Jenn Brisson, and Kellie Talbot

Bombsheller Sample Sale for Small Business Saturday

424 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109

Bombsheller is having a sample sale in honor of Small Business Saturday. Support artists and wear art on your legs!

Bombsheller is welcoming one and all into their headquarters for a fabulous dress up party! Enjoy snacks, drinks, and fabulous leggings. Prototypes are 50% off and flawless are 10% off. The majority of the stock is small and extra small because our printed designs have been used for photography, but there will be every size available to try on for sizing. A 10% discount will be applied to anything on the website if you order it in person at the event.
There will be free gift wrapping!

CoCA’s 22nd Annual 24-Hour Art Marathon & Auction

Mark your calendars and shine your shoes because CoCA’s infamous 24-Hour Art Marathon & Auction fundraiser is back, this year bringing the Seattle art community Live! Nudes! Artists!

The Marathon

The event launches noon on Thursday, November 13 with 24 hours of controlled chaos as 20 emerging and established artists paint, draw, wax, construct, collage, spray, write and sculpt their way to creating nearly 100 new works of art. Everyone is welcome to come watch the artists in action.

From 6-9pm, Live! Nudes! Artists! will be a part of Capitol Hill Art Walk. Join the ongoing cacophony at the Artists Appreciation Party, meet the artists, get a peek at the work in progress, enjoy light refreshments, a tasty beer from Elysian Brewery and the beats of DJ Alann Alann. Admission is free!

The Artists

The auction will feature paintings, sculptures, assemblages, prints and more by these fabulous artists: Kate Alkarni, CASH, Crystal Barbre, Seb Barnett, Flynn Bickley, Claire Loreen Brandt, Larry Calkins, Casey Curran, Adream de Valdivia, Ryan Finnerty, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, Anne Marie Grgich, Robert L. Horton, Savina Mason, Che Lopez, Gabriel Marquez, June Olson, John Osgood, Antonia Price, and Siolo Thompson.

The Auction

The festivities continue on Saturday, November 15 when doors open at 5:30pm for CoCA’s popular silent and live auctions with the effervescent Laura Michalek, our auctioneer and guide for the evening. While you decide which of the pieces you’ll be bidding on enjoy a signature cocktail from Sparkle Donkey and 3 Howl Distillery, wine from Columbia Winery, savor the culinary artistry of Wonderlust Catering and groove to the funky DJ beats.

To further our mission, CoCA offers 50% of all auction sales back to the participating artists, so the higher you bid, the more you directly support contemporary art!

CoCA Mission

Since 1981, CoCA has served the Pacific Northwest as a catalyst and forum for the advancement, development and understanding of contemporary art; this annual fundraiser helps support the hundreds of artists the organization presents each year. And it’s a phenomenally spectacular party.


The Summit Building (on Capitol Hill) 420 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA  98122

Auction Tickets

$125 Reserved Seating. Sit up front with your friends.
$100 Open Seating. Arrive early to select your favorite seats.

CoCA Members receive a $10 discount on either style of seating.
Email for your discount code.


One night only event Saturday, October 17th, 2014 6-10pm

Piranha Shop
1002 1st Ave S, Seattle WA 98134
Hours: by appointment
contact via webform

Boxes of Death 5 is back and badder than ever! This year we have an unprecedented roster of world renowned artist, and have teamed up with Roq La Rue Gallery to offer you the chance to be inspired by Death. Come delight your eyes and imagination, and take in what it means to be fully alive in the shadow of the world’s most recognizable box.

Boxes of Death is an unorthodox artist exhibition that abandons the traditional gallery format for larger community based event spaces. Featuring 50 artists, working form all disciplines, all working with the same canvas, interpreting, working with and around the preconceived notions of the ideas and emotions that surround the coffin shape. All creating a unique work of art but that relates to the rest of the artists dealing with the same boundaries.

We have teamed up with Rudy’s Barbershop, Ninkasi Brewing, Juxtapoz Magazine, and Surfrider Foundation to bring you a show like no other. We will be kicking off in Portland Oregon on Oct 3rd and heading down the West Coast to San Francisco and Los Angeles, before bringing it home for the grand finale in Seattle Washington.

For show updates, artists interviews, and more follows at:

Instagram: boxesofdeath
Hashtag: #boxesofdeath5

WEAVE FEST EVENT: School of Rock presents “The Best of Bowie”

School of Rock presents “The Best of Bowie”

September 27 @6pm
Hales Palladium: 4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle (Fremont)

School of Rock’s hooking up for the night with RockOnArts digital tribute-art site and new Seattle fashion company Bombsheller Art Labs‘ pop-up gallery ArtLabs to cryogenically thaw Ziggy Stardust’s lightening and leggings, gifting Seattle the glamrock resurrection it’s been waiting for.  This event is a rock concert meets fashion show inspired by the infamous David Bowie.


September 24 @ 7pm
Naked City Brewing: 8564 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle (Greenwood)

Live art like you’ve never seen it before… artists meet face to face in a battle of the brushes. Seattle artists Braden Duncan, Face Off Champion vs. the upstart Joseph Brooks are headlining the battle to see if the title will be retained or handed over in this round. Artists battle it out in 15 minute rounds painting their hearts out in front of a live auction audience. At the end of each round, audience members bid on the pieces. Whichever piece gets the highest bid, is the winner of that round. Come out and snag a piece of history!