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WHEELS & WAVES: Duffy at Piranha Shop

Exhibited Sept 12 -16, 2013
Venue: Piranha Shop, 1002 1st Ave S
Neighborhood: SODO


Scratching through the surface of the cultures I cling to in my life. An image at face value is quick, short and generally not expressive of the whole story. These compositions in “Wheels & Waves” have the surface worn away exposing the chaos that creates content. They are meant to let the viewer go deeper into the culture and understand the history of what they are looking at.

Gallery Shots:

Piranha Shop_02

Piranha Shop_04

Piranha Shop_05


ICONIC WOMEN: Kristina Griffith at Twilight Gallery

Exhibit shown from Sept 12 – 30
Venue: Twilight Gallery, 4306 SW Alaska St
Neighborhood: West Seattle

“Amy” by Kristina Griffith
“Amy” by Kristina Griffith

The purpose of this illustrative portrait series is to celebrate Iconic Women and their diversity. An Iconic Woman is a woman who claims her right to living the kind of life she dreams for herself. Women who are on the cutting edge of what exists, the ones pushing the edges out further to expand what is possible, encouraging other women to do the same! What is cutting edge about this Iconic Women’s portrait series is that it is about putting creativity in the lead, and trusting the unknown. Celebrating and bringing to awareness that we live in a time where women artists, musicians, entrepreneurs are no longer invisible. This series exists to inspire women to become whoever they imagine themselves to be. The art becomes a powerful means of personal healing, emancipation and empowerment.


All of the portraits are hand drawn with Faber Castell ink pens on paper and are large format at least 3 feet x 3 feet at 100% and larger.

Through this process it has become apparent to me that this series desires to exist indefinitely and take on a life of it’s own. The series is now open to accepting commissions to have your very own Iconic Portrait and be included in the series and your portrait will be included in every showing of the Iconic portraits.

Art Opening Photos:




BACKWARDS TELESCOPES featuring Puccinelli, Lehl & Dunkerley at Vermillion

Exhibit was shown from Sept 12 – Oct 5, 2013
Venue: Vermillion, 1508 11th Ave
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

“Chemical Romance” by Rich Lehl
“Chemical Romance” by Rich Lehl

“Backwards Telescopes” features new paintings by a trio of Seattle surrealists: Jason Puccinelli, Rich Lehl, and Jed Dunkerley.  Their work features critical, humorous, and often absurd glimpses of social  realities, future possibilities, and ponderous sidetracks. Puccinelli’s work points its lens at visual cliches, interventions in the natural order of things, and bioengineering. Dunkerley creates complex scenes of dystopic urban design and architecture.  Lehl paints hyperdetailed juxtapositions of the mundane and things fantastically, and often eerily, alien.  The three last showed together in Vital 5′s epic surrealist show “Sixpack” over 10 years ago but have remained collaborators and conspirators ever since.

Art Opening Photos:





GLITCH: Cait Willis at Ghost Gallery

Exhibit was on display Sept 12 – Oct 7, 2013
Venue: Ghost Gallery, 504 E Denny Way
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Ghost Gallery_01

Cait Willis is digging deeper into the glitch of images lifted from television, YouTube, and the like. Her “Weak Signals” series has taken on various forms including acrylic on canvas, laser cut images on wood and large format vinyl banners. Her work was also featured at the 2013 Capitol Hill Block Party.

Ghost Gallery_03

Cait Willis has been making art in Seattle since the early 1990′s when she helped start Trapeze life drawing studio on Capitol Hill. Her paintings, although always figuratively based, have always been tasked with delving into different communities, and how we relate to our circumstance in life. These have ranged from dealing with tourism in a new global world, the ladies of the roller derby, the near extinct families of the amusement park, and the families of American Cults to taking on the random hiccups of glitchy weak signals off of television and You Tube and creating something iconic out of the accidental…

Ghost Gallery_04

Jessica Hess, Christa Assad and Jason Walker at Abmeyer + Wood

Work shown Sept 3 – Oct 7, 2013
Venue: Abmeyer + Wood, 1210 2nd Ave
Neighborhood: Downtown

From R to L “Reserved” & “Robot Friends” by Christa Assad & Jessica Hess
From R to L “Reserved” & “Robot Friends” by Christa Assad & Jessica Hess

Street artist and painter, Jessica Hess documents graffiti through her gallery work. Hess collaborates with ceramics artist, Christa Assad (Ceramics Magazine’s 2013 artist of the year) to create wheel-thrown porcelain spray cans hand which are hand painted by Hess. In addition, sculptor, Jason Walker, also working with porcelain is exhibiting his surrealist sculpture titled “Gifts for the Kids: The Pine Bark Balloon”.