ARTBRIDGE: Jackson + Hoffman Plus “4 Years on the Hill” Anniversary at Ghost Gallery!

Ghost Gallery: 504 E Denny Way | Seattle WA 98122

ArtBridge: Jackson + Hoffman

On view from April 10, 2014 – May 4, 2014. Opening reception on Thursday, April 10 from 5-9pm during the BLITZ Capitol Hill Arts Walk.

Akiko Jackson and Jessica Hoffman showcase their work from the 2013-2014 ArtBridge Fellowship at Ghost Gallery in Seattle. Conceptually sophisticated and masterfully executed, the exhibition is a true celebration of emergent talent in our region.

About the 2013-14 fellowship:
Created as platform for advancing the work of emerging artists, the ArtBridge Fellowship at Pratt Fine Arts Center identifies artists with exceptional promise and gives them the tools to progress creatively and professionally. Over the course of a full year, Fellowships offer educational experiences, including creative and technical training, access to equipment, and an opportunity to engage with Pratt’s artistic community.

In 2013, thanks to generous support from Chihuly Garden and Glass, RBC Wealth Management, and Chihuly Studio, two Fellowships were awarded by jury to support the emergent voices of artists Jessica Hoffman and Akiko Jackson. Jessica and Akiko have truly exemplified the intent of the ArtBridge Fellowship; they have used their awards thoughtfully, gaining new skills and insights that have been applied to the creation of stunning new work.

For more about this year’s fellowship and Pratt Fine Arts Center.

Not only will this be a very exciting Art Walk event, it also marks four years since the Grand Opening of Ghost Gallery on Capitol Hill!

To celebrate, the gallery will be featuring work by some very special new and emerging artists and designers including Kimberly Hoppe, Cindy Steiler, Michael Alm, Uyen Tran-Gjerde, Gather Jewelry, Myrrh, new designs by Amanda Ilc, Beth Martini, Kim Merritt (Gritty), Nikki Jacoby, Sera Young, Sylvia Baba and more.

Your support is priceless! Visit during April, mention the password “Treasure” and receive a discount on your art or jewelry purchase that day. In addition, Ghost Memberships will be on offer for only $10, are good for a year and provide you with online access to exhibit previews (on our fancy new website!), new arrivals, jewelry sales and more.

The opening reception for ArtBridge: Jackson + Hoffman will take place on April 10th, 2014 from 5 to 9 PM.



PARALLELS: Tracy Boyd and Tatjana Pavicevic at AXIS Pioneer Square

AXIS Pioneer Square: 308 1st Avenue South | Seattle WA 98104

PARALLELS: Tracy Boyd and Tatjana Pavicevic

On view from April 3, 2014 – April 28, 2014. Opening reception on Thursday, April 3 from 5-9pm during the First Thursday art walk.

Gallery AXIS presents two artists with very distinct styles who’ve come together to explore the struggles of society and how they parallel with the internal struggles of the individual. Characterized by motion and her use of reclaimed tarps, Tracy Boyd’s life-sized paintings come alive. Her large, colorful animals symbolizing social domination contrast with Tatjana Pavicevic’s intimate graphite drawings. Pavicevic’s monochromatic work creates a sense of self-inquiry and explores subjective experiences and their parallels in the external world.

Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tatjana Pavicevic has lived in Seattle for ten years. She received a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts where she majored in painting and printmaking.

Tracy Boyd grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s on a 66-acre old farm outside of Philadelphia, which allowed her to develop the ability to be independent and introspective. She received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon with an emphasis on Design.

The artists will be in attendance at the opening reception with a performance by Coriolis Dance taking place throughout the evening.

Coriolis Dance in action!
Coriolis Dance in action!

Coriolis Dance is an immersive, contemporary dance company led by multi-media artist/dancer Christin Call and celebrated local dancer/choreographer Natascha Greenwalt. Since 2008 the pair, as Co-artistic Directors and Co-founders, have commissioned new works by locally and nationally known choreographers as well as created new works for the company in collaboration with artists of multiple disciplines.

The opening reception for Parallels will take place on April 3, 2014 from 5 to 9 PM.

AMAZONS & TROLLS! Escaping the Dungeons of the Modern Monster at Ghost Gallery

Ghost Gallery: 504 E Denny Way | Seattle WA 98122

Amazons & Trolls! Escaping the Dungeons of the Modern Monster

On view from March 13, 2014 – April 7, 2014. Opening reception on Thursday, March 13 from 5-8pm during the BLITZ Capitol Hill Arts Walk.

Ghost Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring new mixed media work by Seattle artist Jody Joldersma. Amazons & Trolls! Escaping the Dungeons of the Modern Monster will explore various takes on feminism and trolling.

In an interview with Ghost Gallery founder and curator Laurie Kearney, Jody said about the show’s theme: “There is an expression which says “Don’t Feed the Trolls” which encourages people to ignore bullies, to take the higher ground, and not speak up. Not only is this a way of suppressing ideas which challenge the established order, it also minimizes and manipulates the perception of the act, and the people who do these acts, by renaming them. This phenomenon can be be found throughout history from Witches and Fairies, to Centaurs and Amazons. The historic mythology of Amazons and the modern mythology of Trolls, combined with personal experiences of gender, are the inspiration for this series of work. The title ‘Escaping the Dungeons of the Modern Monster” is a playful take, using a common gaming trope, on the struggle of feminist ideas in a modern society.”

A Woman Becomes The Room She’s In by Jody Joldersma
A Woman Becomes The Room She’s In by Jody Joldersma

To read more from Laurie’s interview with Jody about this exhibition, see the Ghost Gallery website.

The opening reception for Amazons & Trolls! will take place on March 13th, 2014 from 5 to 8 PM.

HERE: Kellie Talbot and Troy Gua

Bherd Gallery: 312 N 85th Street, Suite 101 | Seattle WA 98103


March 14, 2014 – April 25, 2014. Receptions Friday March 14th and Friday April 11.

Kellie Talbot and Troy Gua pair up in an unlikely road trip to explore themes of migration, manifest destiny, and the unique American yearning to get out on the highway. Presenting new works in mixed media, and oils on canvas and panel, Here is a two-person take on sense of place, movement and choice.

The two artists may have different approaches, but they often end up in the same spot. Talbot creates hyper-real paintings of neon signs, billboards, factories and oddities of the American road-scape. Her large-scale oils blow up certain sections of typography or texture to macro focus, letting us read the flaking paint, burnt-out bulbs and rust like a rebus. Her work often honors the neglected, decaying and passed-by in our modern landscape: old signs, crumbling architecture, forgotten cemeteries.

Motel by Kellie Talbot
Motel by Kellie Talbot

Gua’s work in mixed media plays with bright colors, shiny finishes, and sheen surfaces, all the better to conjure—and skewer—images of Hollywood perfection. The artist  is best known for his “Pop Hybrid” series, visual portmanteaus that overlay the features of two celebrities, making a composite that is both eerily familiar and jarringly strange. His high-gloss works both support and parody our need for recognition, society’s interest in fame and notoriety, and our craze for nostalgia.

Here (Minnesota) by Troy Gua
Here (Minnesota) by Troy Gua

Talbot’s focus on American history, craftsmanship and decay contrasts perfectly with Gua’s humorous look at the pop status quo of American culture. From what we leave behind to where we think we want to go, these artists are sending postcards from their exploration of the frontier. Wish you were here!

The opening reception for Here, will take place on March 14th, 2014 from 6 to 9:30 PM.

EX LIBRIS: 100 Artists, 100 Books

AXIS Pioneer Square: 308 1st Avenue S | Seattle, WA 98104

Ex Libris: 100 Artists, 100 Books

March 6, 2014 – April 1, 2014. Opening reception March 6.

The AXIS gallery and event venue in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle, will be hosting an exhibition of literature themed artwork from 100 distinct, contemporary artists.  Ex Libris: 100 Artists, 100 Books, presents a collection of newly realized works that are drawn from the pages of favorite books individually selected by the participating artists.

This collection of artwork was created to celebrate the presence of The Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference in Seattle, February 2014. Each year AWP holds its Annual Conference & Bookfair in a different city to celebrate the authors, teachers, students, writing programs, literary centers, and publishers of that region. AWP is the largest literary conference in North America. The presence of AWP in Seattle gave rise to the idea of Ex Libris: 100 Artists, 100 Books, an opportunity for the visual arts community to participate in this literary tradition and to celebrate the many ways in which literature has enriched our lives and informed our practice as art makers. A selection of works from the Ex Libris collection will be on display at the convention center during the conference. All 100 works of art will be on exhibit at AXIS beginning March 6th, 2014.

In this body of work, many genres of literature are represented from non-fiction to sci-fi, romance to biography. Some artists chose to depict specific characters from favorite books, for example artist Amy Huddleston’s interpretation of the Charles Dickens’s novel Great Expectations centers on the eccentric character Ms. Havisham. In Huddleston’s painting a sloe eyed Ms. Havisham holds court bedecked in feathers and fur. Other artists interpreted this challenge by re-imagining the covers of their favorite books. Artist Joey Veltkamp used the title of his inspiration book, Life After God, to bring Douglas Coupeland’s work to life in a drawing based on a textile creation.

Life After God – Joey Veltkamp
Life After God – Joey Veltkamp

Through painting, drawing, and sculpture, these 100 Artists pay beautiful homage to the books and authors that have entertained, edified, and informed them. Join us at AXIS in Pioneer square during the month of March to see this whole collection.

The opening reception for Ex Libris: 100 Artists, 100 Books, will take place on March 6th, 2014 from 5 to 9 PM.

The artists will be in attendance at the opening reception and readings from local authors will take place. Among other activities, a costume contest with prizes for best author and librarian will occur.

For more details about the exhibition and a complete gallery of all the work, please visit the exhibition website.

GRADUATING TO GARDEN DESIGNER – One exhibitors journey from broom pusher to garden creator

Seattle based sculptor and photographer, Miguel Edwards first became involved with the Northwest Flower and Garden show in the late 90’s. At that time he worked behind the scenes at the show pushing a broom, carrying plywood, and working at a variety of general labor jobs wherever he was needed. Over the years Edwards became more involved with the show often taking on the role of general trouble shooter, forklift driver, interiors manager, heavy equipment manager etc.

In 2009 Miguel began to see a shift in his fine art efforts. Though historically his primary discipline was photography, sculpture became the new focus of his artistic process. Because of this artistic shift he began to see the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in a new way and he became more aware of the possibilities that the show offered for him to showcase his sculptural work.

Over the last four years Miguel has worked with various garden exhibitors. At the 2013 Flower and Garden Show, Miguel Edwards worked with Dr. Decks, their successful collaboration, Alien On Vacation – Xenomorph Meets Earth’s Most Lethal Plant Colony, received the South Sound Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, the only editor’s choice award given in 2013 (Edward’s sculpture for the display, Advena Vasculum, was a collaboration with Ryan Blythe). In past years he has also collaborated with In Past Years Miguel has collaborated with noted garden creators including Karen Stefonick, and Redwood Builders LLC. Other Members of the Award winning Team include Rex Saathoff, Chris Hoover, Kevin Russell, Jerome Brown,  Calvin Russell  Greg Barthels and Tracy L Korenski.

This year Miguel Edwards is returning from a successful showing of his sculptural work at the Archangel Gallery in Palm Springs and he is ready to participate in the 2014 Flower and Garden Show. He returns, this time as a garden creator with the Dr. Decks team which has been selected as one of the 2014 display gardens. The Dr. Decks team is presenting:  A Conduction of Vigorous Immersion – Seattle’s Best Artists Enhance Your Flow. This garden includes integration of the first ever permitted of fire and water feature at the show (or ever in the convention center), Monument scale solar kinetic sculptures and hand-blown glass pieces , neon and deck automations, including a retractable powered Seahawks table that stows directly into the deck as well as the worlds first ever ADA speced wheelchair ramp that switches from ramp to stairs and back  at the push of a button. Many firsts with this team.

FAERIE II Show Opening at Krab Jab Studio

House Wren by Omar Rayyan

Krab Jab Studio: 5628 Airport Way S | Ste 150 | Seattle, WA 98108

FAERIE II: A Group Show in Contemporary Faerie Art

February 8 – 27th, 2014
Opening Saturday February 8th, 6 – 9 pm

Loss by Fred Fields
Loss by Fred Fields

For the second year in a row, Krab Jab Studio is playing host to the magic and mystery of the fae with FAERIE II, a collection of work from many of the best known faerie artists in the world.

Seductively appealing, yet dangerous to actually discern, the realm of the fae continues to seduce and compel, frighten and intrigue – to draw in those who may sense that there is more ‘out there’ than what we experience through our five senses.

Curated by illustrator Tara Larsen Chang, this new assemblage of two and three dimensional art explores both the enchanting and the enigmatic elements inherent in the denizens of faerie.

Participating artists are:
Amy Brown, Annie Stegg, Allen Williams, Aaron Miller, Brian Froud, Charles Vess, Cory Godbey, David Thierree, Fred Fields, Greg Manchess, Greg Spalenka, Gary Lippincott, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Justin Gerard, Kim Kincaid, Lauren Mills, Linda Ravenscroft, Michael Hague, Renae Taylor, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Tara Larsen Chang, Omar Rayyan, Sheila Rayyan and Wendy Froud.

Opening reception will be part of the February Georgetown Art Attack! February 8th 6 – 9 pm. Be sure to stop by!

Faerie II

Seattle Urban & Contemporary Art