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Slave to the Needlepoint: “Hands On” at Ghost Gallery

On view through Monday, Dec. 8th, 2014
504 E Denny Way, Seattle WA 98122
Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri, 11am-7pm & Sat-Sun, 11am-6pm
ph: 206-832-6063

A group show featuring mixed media work by:
Erin Frost http://erin-frost.com/
Joey Veltkamp http://joeyveltkamp.weebly.com/
Kurt B Reighley http://kurtbreighley.com/
Mark Mitchell http://mark-mitchell-9vfm.squarespace.com/
Paul Komada http://www.paulkomada.com/

Needling, threading, stitching, shredding, pulling, knitting, sewing, you name it. This exhibit screams patience and precision, obsession and beauty.