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Holiday Mini Art Show at TWILIGHT GALLERY

December 11th – February 1st
Twilight Gallery
4306 SW Alaska St, Seattle, Washington 98116
Hours: Monday – Friday  11 to 7-ish | Sat 11 – 6 -ish | Sun 11 – 5-ish

Co-Curated by Twilight Intern, Ana Luiza Douthwaite
2014 BA Art History, University of Washington

Artists include:

Joseph Brooks (Seattle)
Sarah Midkiff (North Carolina)
Meghan Kukull (Seattle)
Rhodora Jacob (Seattle)
Stasia Burrington Illustration (Seattle)
Brooke Borcherding (Seattle)
Angelina Tolentino (Seattle)
Sarah Barrick (Seattle)
La Macón by Shari Noble (Seattle)
Idle Hands Designs (Seattle)
Mary Enslow (Seattle)
Kristina Cullen (Seattle)
Braden Duncan (Seattle)
The Kiln Witch
Swing (Seattle)
Kate Protage (Seattle)
Elijah Evenson (Seattle)
Idle Hands (Seattle)



Our Daily Armor:
Woman as Warrior in Contemporary Art and Adornment
Opening Reception Nov 13th, 6 to 9pm
Twilight Gallery
4306 SW Alaska St, Seattle, Washington 98116


Kim Merritt (Seattle)
Rebecca Rose (Florida)
Neva Balnikova (Bulgaria)
Stasia Burrington (Seattle)
Caitlin Brookins (Seattle)
Jason Foster (Seattle)
Jordan Christianson (Seattle)
Stone Crow Designs (Seattle)
Adia Bobo (Seattle)
Flannery Good (Kansas CIty)
Rosary Solimanto (New York)
Shannon Koszyk (Seattle)
Seb Barnett (Seattle)
Chris Sheridan (Seattle)
Kemba Opio (Seattle)
Kwanchai Moriya (Los Angeles)
Rhodora Jacob (Seattle)
Elizabeth Hull (Texas)
Daniel Ogden (Sammamish)
Zel Margaretes (Seattle)
Chloe Allfred (Seattle)
Joana Stillwell (Seattle)

Trunk show by Stone Crow Designs

Seattle based choreographer Maya Soto will perform an excerpt of her piece “Gathering Bones”. 7:30 and 8:30pm

(Gathering Bones will be performed in it’s entirety on May 21 as a part of Our Daily Armor programming, stay tuned for details.)

History and mythology abounds with tales of warriors. Men who acted as servants to powerful ideals, through fierce bravery in battle, either lived to celebrate and fight again, or lost their life in the field and gained special favor for their valor and sacrifice in the after-life. Lesser known are histories and mythologies of powerful female warriors, although women have fought in battles throughout the ages, and do still.

Evidence in history, anthropology, art, and mythology of women as warriors, knights, soldiers, heroes, protectors also exist as stories, remembered by those who want to remember. Women fight as soldiers in battles around the globe, further, the characteristics of a warrior are manifest in several roles women fulfill in daily living, historically and in the present, to whit, not only can women be warriors, women sometimes also identify as warriors in many ways for many reasons.

The characteristics of the warrior describe a tenacious individual, willing to fight for their cause, facing any range of consequences. The culture of the warrior includes a uniform, armor, and weapons. It involves ritual and training. The art of war not only creates the warrior, it is woven into culture and speaks through images and symbols. As for the warrior, underneath symbols of power, beyond tactical maneuvers of obfuscation and distraction, under the armor, are the small symbols close their heart, wrapping their wrist, or woven in their hair, touching their flesh, the miniature handmade symbols of faith, hope, love, reminders of home, parents, children, lovers, of any myriad of things that spoke to them with meaning enough to gird them against fear, superstition, loneliness, terror and grief.

Being a warrior is commonly viewed through the lens of it’s impact on what it means to be male, in so much that to be male inherently comes with an expectation of being warrior-like. While less frequently acknowledged or explored, being a female inherently requires women to also be warrior-like, though on their own terms.

Image by: Kemba Opio

Siolo Thompson at TWILIGHT

Twilight Gallery & Boutique
4306 SW Alaska St, Seattle WA 98116
Hours: Mon & Wed-Sat, 12pm-7pm and Sun, 11am-5pm
ph: 206-933-2444

Siolo Thompson – The Linestrider Codex

October 9th – November 5th, 2014

This October at Twilight Gallery & Boutique, Seattle artist Siolo Thompson, will present her tarot themed collection. Each card, lovingly rendered in graphite, ink, and watercolor will be on display and available for purchase.

Tarot decks created by artists are a long standing tradition dating back hundreds of years. Following in the footsteps of many artists before her, Siolo Thompson has brought her own artistic vision and contemporary style to this classic divination system.

Image: Siolo Thompson

BOUNDARIES at Twilight Gallery

Twilight Gallery: 4306 SW Alaska Street, Seattle, WA


August 14th – September 4th, 2014

Boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits created to identify what are reasonable, safe, or permissible ways for people to behave around each other. Sometimes we create boundaries, sometimes boundaries are created for us. The show will explore how these boundaries are upheld, crossed, or broken. Featuring work by Laura Castellanos, Mary Coss, Levi Hastings, Tim Manthey, Naoko Morisawa, Hanna Myers, Lynn Schirmer, Siolo Thompson, and Kate Vrijmoet. Curated by Jody Joldersma Opening Thursday Aug 14th from 6-9pm during the West Seattle Art Walk